The unreadable face revisited.

I wrote about the botox effect in October 2010.  Intuition is partially based upon micro-expressions. I worried about being handicapped in trial.  What if a juror or witness had been  facially frozen.    The article concluded:  "This all means that I better embrace my wrinkles because I need a jury to believe that I am me."

Well, now comes an article that should raise a few eyebrows (or not).

Social psychologists are finding that people who have BEEN injected are less able to read emotions.  They believe this is because we identify emotions in part by mimicking each other's facial expressions.  When we can't mimic, we are less able to feel our own emotions. This can potentially interfere with our ability to empathize.

Yikes!  That settles it.   Come hither dear wrinkles. I promise not to botox you.

Photo:  untouched

Photo:  untouched