Civility discussion postscript


The WSBA declined to publish the emails between Sims and I saying they were not newsworthy.  But today these email blogs generated a firestorm of intelligent discussion on my primary email listserv.

Tomorrow  I am being dragged to Snohomish County Superior Court by the particularly undelightful defense attorney W.P.  He is moving for sanctions against me under CR 37.  The reason - because my client's answers to interrogatories were four (4, quatro, 四, quatre) days late.

WP finds it irrelevant that he was almost two months late in answering the discovery I sent him.  And he finds my behavior so troubling, that he's asking the court to fine and order me to pay him $1,000.

Should I greet W.P. with a wave and smile?  Should I sit next to him for an hour or more on the hard wood bench and make friendly chit chat as we wait for the court to eventually call our case?

Don't count on it.