Overdosing on civility

Photo:  Nala preparing to fight Mr. Tiger.

Photo:  Nala preparing to fight Mr. Tiger.

There are some aggravating people in this profession.  That suits me just fine.  Being nice has its place.  But it is fun to wrestle with opponents.

Today am spammed with a brochure.  Touts a two day seminar on civility in the profession.  Sorry to say this pretty much brings up gag reflex.  Here's what it says:

In this intensive 2-day program we will strive to create a retreat-like seminar* to engage in a dialogue about civility. After we explore characteristics of civility, we will discuss the costs of incivility, the benefits of civility, the foundations of civility, and strategies to foster civility within our personal and professional lives. In addition to traditional lectures and presentations, this immersion seminar will include interactive and creative exercises.  *To facilitate a relaxed atmosphere please wear casual clothing and unplug from laptops, emails and phones.

So not only do they want us to become more civil - we have to unplug.

Where's the fun in any of this.

Nala is not a sweet, docile, obedient pooch.  Thank heavens.  She would be boring if she didn't pull the stuffing out of her toys.  If she didn't throw herself at the windows or doors when people walked by.  If she sat at my feet gazing up adoringly.  Waiting patiently for me to bestow attention.  Instead of throwing tantrums.

Sure there are lines that shouldn't be crossed in our profession.  No bad words or physical punches for example.  But a two day seminar on civility.  Thank you but no thanks.