Direct exam of a medical expert

I'm on the treadmill watching Oprah.  She is interviewing Dr. Oz.   Their theme "5 lifesaving numbers."  He gives vivid easy to understand verbal answers.  He uses a video recreation.  He has a demonstrative aid.  I like it when he punches the plaque out of the artery.   It is really super.   Oprah is a phenomenal interviewer.  She channels the audience.  She “is” the audience in the moment.  Her goal is to educate and impress upon the audience, the importance of understanding and following Dr. Oz’s medical advice.


Really when you think about how we deal with our own experts – sometimes (in my opinion) we have an over inflated opinion of what we add to the equation.  A really great expert needs to be showcased like Dr. Oz.  We need to ask questions to avoid objection that it is a narrative.  Also, we don’t really want a narrative because that will put jurors to sleep.   But aside from the risks of boredom, I find a lively spontaneous chattzy back and forth dialogue to be the most engaging.   So my best plan on how to do direct of an already good testifying expert – is to be Oprah.  I “am” the jury.