Trial Day 27: Fenna


Tuesday November 13, 2018

 Hey Karen, warns Travis Jameson, a loyal member of the law firm.  You may already know this but the defense bar has gotten ahold of your trial diaries.  Someone on your private list is sharing them.

Oh No!  Exclaim to self.  Heart racing and panic setting in.  Now they will know exactly how I feel and all of my strategy.  Everything is ruined.  Oh this is such a fiasco.  What Shall I do. Hand over forehead in partial swoon.

Actually, finish chewing lemon luna bar.  Reflect on the state of new boots peeking out from the cropped hem of tan banana republic trousers.  Pointy toed made of a stretch fabric.  Kitten heels taper down to a point the diameter of a pencil.  Silk black top with tan stars and a neckline that starts off as a v but ties at the throat.  Black jacket of course.

So the defense bar knows.  Probably since day one.  Have been doing diaries for close to 20 years.  Infiltration by a defense lawyer is a bit of a yawn. Especially in a case like this that is heavily covered by the media with daily transcripts pouring in from Kevin and Joanne our court reporters.  I mean earth to defense lawyers.  In the event you didn’t know before secretly reading this diary - your case is holy awful.

Fenna Zielinski is from Amsterdam.  She walks slowly to the stand.  Arm braced on a blue crutch.  Carrying a foam pad which she places on the seat.  Settles herself.  Speaks mainly in English with a translator sitting next to her as backup.  There is a sense of sweetness even purity about Fenna.  Her words are simple and chosen with care.  She does not embelish.    Is comfortable talking about her broken ribs, spine fracture, and hip fractures.  But not her feelings.  There are no tears until the very end.  Press her just a little bit so she can show us her sadness. She  reaches out with a single finger to delicately wipe away the barely discernible tears. As if hoping we didn’t notice..

For the first time in the two weeks since the defendants were likely ordered to start crossing all the plaintiffs, they don’t dare.  Wakefield: no questions.  Guthrie:  no questions.  Puz and Seder: nothing.  Wise move on their parts.

Gunter is Fenna’s husband of 40 years.Stayed by his wife’s side during her extraction, convincing the firefighters that he needed to remain to help translate.Photo after photo shows Gunter in his beige coat standing inside the duck waiting for Fenna to be carved out.Scott and JackG the ducks defendants decide to cross. Gunter is 71.His main concern is for the health of his wife but he was injured too. Best question of the day is from JackG :Mr. Zielinski do you remember the date when you stopped being able to remember. Worst question of the day is from Scott who tries to undo the damage of jury questions and recross regarding who will care for Fenna if Gunter becomes unable .Scott says: well won’t your kids step in and take care of her .When Gunter explains how far away the kids live and that they have their own families and commitments, Scott tries to argue with him:surely they would care for their mother. A grand defense.