Where's the beef ... closing argument with PPT

The lawyer is incensed.

Has come up to the podium to speak to me following a CLE presentation to the WSBA (state bar association).

I can't believe any defense lawyer would ever let you show a PPT like that in court!  He is practically gasping for breath.  So angry.

What's the big deal.  What's so awful about showing as well as telling.  Well, he doesn't like the "Where's the beef" slide.  When popped little granny up on the screen, simply smiled at the jury.  Then they mouthed the famous words for me.

How! Dare! You!  He stomps off.

Actually wish more defense attorneys would emerge from the stone age.  Give technology a try. It would make trial more interesting for everyone involved.

This is the closing argument from a basic motor vehicle collision case I tried on a week's notice.  Imbedded the PPT slides into the transcript so you can get a feel for how it flowed.