Suicide or murder? Woman marries uncle in Belize who ends up dead


October 11, 2016
By Ana Garcia

A family at war, a very suspicious death and a controversial forbidden romance. Was Tim McNamara's death a suicide or was it murder?

The answer to that question certainly depends on who you ask.

One shot to the back of the head. But was it suicide or something else? 

Shocking accusations and salacious rumors all leading to one unbelievable bombshell.

Apple-orchard owner Tim McNamara, known as simply "Mac" to his friends and family, made millions of dollars on his lucrative apple farm in Soap Lake, Washington.

By most standards, McNamara is successful and appears to have the perfect all-American family with his wife, Vicky, and two children, Caleb and Jennifer.

On the other side of town lived Tracy Nessl. She enjoyed a more modest existence, a far cry from the life of the well-to-do McNamaras. Tracy came from a broken family and grew up without a father figure. She confesses she admired the McNamara family from afar, even wishing she was one of them.

Tracy, at 17, moved far away from the small town to North Carolina and a fresh start. She eventually got married and started a family of her own, and the McNamaras and her life in Soap Lake are a distant memory. Then oddly enough one day, Tracy receives a wedding invitation: Tim McNamara's daughter is getting married.

"Tim McNamara invited me to the wedding," said Tracy. "He thought it would be a great idea for me to come out."

And love was in the air -- and not just between the bride and groom.

"I remember having these feelings for Tim, and vice-versa," said Tracy. "He expressed he did as well. Physical attraction. Physically attracted to him."

But any sort of love connection will have to wait. Tim is going through a divorce and Tracy is in a relationship back home in North Carolina. But when Tracy's relationship ends and Tim's divorce is nearly finalized, Tracy returns to Soap Lake and those untapped passions.

"It was a physical attraction, but it was more," said Tracy. "We were spiritually connected, we were soul connected, and he was a dad, he was my best friend, he was my lover, he was everything in one."

According to the rumors around town, that may have meant more than most people were comfortable with. 

"They say my biological father is Denny McNamara," said Tracy. Denny is Tim McNamara's brother. Tracy's new lover Tim was Uncle Tim. And yet, Tracy makes the decision to continue the incestuous relationship.

After just months of dating, Tim transfers all of his properties into Tracy's name, including the apple orchard, his home on the farm, and two additional parcels of land nearby. Tim was concerned that his children would sell the farm and he wanted to keep the farm intact as a McNamara farm.