Redmond Town Center sued over death of toddler hit by car


September 11, 2015
Sara Jean Green

A Redmond couple is suing the owners of Redmond Town Center, alleging safety violations at a children’s play area contributed to the death of their 2-year-old daughter, who ran into the street and was killed by a motorist in July.

The parents of a Redmond toddler who was hit and killed by a car in early July filed a lawsuit Friday against the owners of Redmond Town Center, alleging negligence and failure to provide a safe environment.

Also named in the wrongful-death suit, which does not specify a dollar amount for damages, are the designers of a children’s play area at the open-air mall and the 25-year-old driver who struck the girl. His girlfriend and her parents also are included.

Two-year-old Susanna “Susie” Dreher was killed July 1 after she ran into Northeast 74th Street, presumably to play in a fountain outside a hotel that’s located across from the Sensory Garden, a children’s play area built on a plaza, according to the suit filed on behalf of her parents, Jonathan and Veronica Dreher.

The suit claims overgrown bushes and a poorly placed sign warning drivers of children playing in the area contributed to the fatal accident, which was witnessed by Susie’s 4-year-old sister and the girls’ nanny.