Specifically with respect to our daddy’s love

Let me count the ways…

  1. Answered every question thoughtfully – including if there really was a man in the moon.
  2. Gave us puzzles and calendars featuring photos of sperm taken with his electron microscope
  3. Tucked us into bed every night.  Then came back to check half an hour later to see if we were really asleep.
  4. Brought home laboratory bunnies and hamsters for us to love as pets.
  5. Taught us how to fish
  6. Investigated the routes of the state department of wildlife fish trucks – so that he could ensure we would catch fish
  7. Put up with the endless choruses of “how much longer” as we went hiking
  8. Put up with the endless choruses of “how much longer” when we drove to the mountains
  9. Put up with the endless of choruses of “how much longer” pretty much all the time we went anywhere
  10. Would not let us play with toy guns – not even water pistols
  11. Taught us how to ski
  12. Showed us how to make beautiful turns on the slope with skis perfectly together, but didn’t mind when we pointed the tips forward and just went down straight
  13. Taught us how to ice skate
  14. Showed us how to glide with hands behind back, but mainly picked us up off of the ice rink and set us back upright
  15. Helped us reach our mobile home in the mountains by putting us on a sled and hauling us up the unplowed road during the winter
  16. Taught us cell biology shortly after we could sit still long enough to look into a microscope
  17. Wouldn’t let us have a color television for years  – then when we finally got one made us sit at least ten feet back so our ovaries would not be radiated.
  18. Helped us stock our mad scientist room with test tubes and other devices
  19. Took us to Malaysia for a year so we could experience life away from the US
  20. Went butterfly hunting with us most weekends in the jungle outside of Kuala Lumpur
  21. Burned the leeches off our legs from going through rivers in the quest for butterflies
  22. Pointed out all wildlife and foliage of any place we ever went – usually enabled by text or field books purchased for such purpose
  23. Taught us anatomy lessons at the dinner table when dissecting the chicken
  24. Didn’t get angry when Greg dissected Jenny and Susan’s dolls
  25. Explained to us exactly how many brain cells would die (never to be regenerated) if we became intoxicated
  26. In assisting with our loose teeth – secured a piece of dental floss around our  tooth, tied the other end to the door knob then shut it quickly
  27. Shared his love for music with us – so long as it was classical – this included removing the stylus from the record player to ensure we didn’t play hideous pop music
  28. Took us to the symphony
  29. Took us to the chamber music group
  30. Took us to every museum of every city, state or country we ever visited
  31. Explained the birds and the bees to us anatomically and precisely in no uncertain terms pretty much before we could read
  32. Made us dinner most nights -eschewing the typical gender roles of the 60s and 70s.
  33. Took us to every World War II movie ever made
  34. Took us to Husky football games
  35. Took us to Husky basketball games
  36. Showed us how to develop film in his dark room – mainly so we could help with his sperm pictures
  37. Introduced us to various professors our favorite of whom was Cornelius, an Australian, who came to the beach with us and wore a red G string.
  38. Packed our entire family into the Town & Country station wagon, drove down to the drive in theater, and had us all watch Jaws the week before we were going to travel to Hawaii
  39. Made us get in the ocean in Hawaii despite our fear of anything approaching a shadow due to seeing Jaws.
  40. Restrained himself from falling completely out of his chair when I brought my first boyfriend – a Pilipino wanna be gangster –  to dinner
  41. Found me my first apartment after my one month experiment of living with the first boyfriend failed
  42. Did his best to try to set me up with various post-doc students thereafter – though to no avail
  43. Took me with him to the International Swine Semen Symposium in Europe as a graduation gift
  44. Walked me down the aisle of my wedding
  45. Stood by me 14 years later during the divorce
  46. Came to watch me in trial
  47. Clipped news articles of interest, photo copied and mailed them to us
  48. Modelled how to be organized, methodological, respectful,industrious and kind

Happy Father’s Day dad – today and every day.

Love Karen

Photo:  Dad in his sartorial splendor – including sandals with white socks.


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